Under-11s Rugby

Under-11s Rugby at Thornbury Rugby Club For Boys and Girls

The Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury is a fun and social group of boys and girls from School Year 6.

The Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury come from lots of different local schools in the area and get to know each other through their rugby training sessions and the games they play and we train or play a game every Sunday morning during the rugby season.

Under 10 rugby Thornbury Bristol

We have new players start with us every rugby year and not just at the start of the season so if you’re interested in starting rugby you can start with us any time you want, whatever your ability. We are always looking for new players to join us and you don’t have to have played rugby before as the coaches and team will support your child to understand the rules and learn the skills they need on a progressive basis to play.

During their first session with us we ensure they understand the basic rules, how to tackle and how to be tackled, and the coaches take as much time with them as they need to ensure they have the right skills before they train or play. This continues for the first couple of weeks if they haven’t played rugby before and they can come to 3 training sessions before a payment commitment is needed to make sure it’s something they want to take part in. There are no weekly fees, just an annual subscription fee.

The rugby season starts in September and normally finishes for the summer in April and you aren’t expected to come to every session or game if you have other things on. It is important though that your child attends as many training sessions as they can as this is when they learn new skills, tactics, strategy and formations with their team and where they get to put everything they’ve learned into practice.

As they move up into the next age groups, new skills and elements of rugby are added and there is also a training session in the evening each week during the rugby season.

About the Coaches

We have 6 coaches in the Under 11 Thornbury Rugby Team and they work with the children in a supportive and coaching way to ensure they learn new skills and most of all have fun in both games and training sessions. All our coaches are parents of team members and have all been DBS checked. They attend RFU coaching courses, ‘Play it Safe’ which are safeguarding courses, as well as coach the coach sessions which are run by the Thornbury 1st coaching team and these are all held throughout the year. These help them to plan training sessions, learn new skills for refereeing and learn new and better ways of coaching.

Rugby Football Union (RFU)

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) is the governing body for rugby union in England.

The Environment

The environment within the Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury is supportive from all the coaches, team and parents, it’s fun, progressive, nurturing, team-focused, respectful, skill-focused and is always out in the fresh air, focusing on keeping fit and having fun whether it’s a training session or a game.

RFU New Rules for the U11 Thornbury Rugby Team’s Season


Players and match officials must ensure that the following Rules of Play and RFU Regulation15 https://www.englandrugby.com/governance/rules-and-regulations/regulations are observed when playing rugby at Under 10.

Under 11s Rules of Play set out below are part of the Playing Pathway that aim to equip players with the skills they need to safely enjoy rugby union. The Age Grade Rules of Play detail the level to which children of each can play to, coaches and match officials are encouraged to discuss necessary or desired pre-game and in-game modifications that reduce
the playing level with the view to provide more appropriate learning opportunities.

Any terms defined in these Rules shall have the meanings set out in the World Rugby Laws of the Game
The key elements of the Under 11s Rules of Play are:
• Team numbers: a maximum of 8-a-side
• Maximum pitch size: 60 metres x 35 metres
• Ball Size: 4
• Maximum minutes each half: 15
• Introduction of uncontested scrum
• Nearest 3 players in a scrum (all players trained, late specialisation)
• Contest for the ball (1 player v 1 player)
• Continuation of Maul
• Continuation of Ruck

Kit Provided

In the Under 11 Rugby Team, we provide the team playing shirts and we pay for these through local fundraising which the team and parents get involved with and really enjoy. This year we’ve bag packed in Tesco’s, held cake sales and run a raffle and all the team loved getting involved knowing it was working together to pay for their shirts. We still have some fundraising to do and this will happen throughout the rest of the season.

Under 10's Rugby Team fundraising by packing shopping bags at Tesco (Thornbury)
Under 11’s Rugby Team fundraising by packing shopping bags at Tesco (Thornbury)

We also have training aids that the coaches use in some of the training sessions and these all help improve the team’s skills, confidence and abilities when playing.

Kit you Need to Provide

Every player in the Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury has to wear a gum shield for training sessions and games and we sell them in the club kit shop if you need one which is open most Sunday mornings. Players aren’t allowed to train or play if they don’t have a gum shield.

Rugby boots are essential as they progress but if they are just trying it for a couple of weeks then they can wear old trainers, however, be aware it can be really muddy and slippery without rugby boots.

Tracksuit bottoms and a top are fine when trying it out but when they start fully with us they should have rugby boots, shorts and long rugby socks as well. Layers are advisable as it can be cold and a wet top (hoodless) is advisable for the wet weather, base layers are great for keeping warm. Some of the children wear scrum hats but this isn’t essential and is entirely optional. Again, the club has a kit shop on a Sunday when the Juniors train and play where you can try on sizes and buy Thornbury Rugby branded kit, although this isn’t essential, you can go to a sports shop to buy what you need.  

Typical Training Sessions

The Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury sessions are every Sunday morning throughout the rugby season. Typical training sessions are based on focusing on new skills that are needed in a game, having fun and building confidence, and this all depends on what the team or individuals need each week. The skills might be learnt as a team or they can be split into smaller groups and we normally have a quick game at the end of the session to put what they’ve learnt into practice.

First Training Session when you Join the Team

When your child first starts training with the Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury the coaches will introduce themselves, introduce them to the team and talk to them about the basic rules of the game. They will find out a bit about them, if they have played rugby before and what they enjoy. They’ll teach them how to tackle as well as how to be tackled and will take as much time with them as they need, ensuring they have a basic understanding before they train and play. The coaches will use other team members to help when a new member starts with us and they will repeat it as many times or sessions that they need for both skills and for their confidence.

Typical Games

Games can be held at home, or away at other clubs. We always have a fixtures list at the start of the season but this can sometimes change. We use the SPOND communication app and for our fixture list and communication which is really easy and ensures parents and coaches are regularly communicating and keeping in touch.

When other clubs come to Thornbury to play us the club provides sausage and chips for the away players and the kitchen and bar are open in the clubhouse if you want to go in after a training session or game which a lot of families do. When we play away, the club we play at normally provide our team with sausage and chips or something similar and the team enjoy eating together and talking about the game they’ve just played.


We take part in a couple of Festival Tournaments throughout the season and there is often one arranged at the club. A festival Tournament is when clubs from around the area all come together to play each other. It’s a great way for the team to plays lots of games in one morning which builds their team skills, rugby skill as well as spending time together as a team and having fun. Festival Tournaments normally start at 10.30 and finish anything up to about 2pm.


Every other year the Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury go away on Tour with other Thornbury Bronco age groups and it is entirely optional if you want to attend. We went to Ladram Bay in Dorset for the weekend for our last two tours and stayed in their static caravans on site. We normally have a social get together on Friday evening, the team play a game at a local rugby club on Saturday and we have a fun themed night on the Saturday evening which the kids and parents love. They’ll play another local team on the Sunday morning and either go home afterwards or go back to the site to enjoy the facilities. It’s a fun weekend and not only gives the children time to enjoy together but also gives the adults time to socialise and get to know each other better.

End of Season Awards

At the end of each season the club normally hosts a family fun day where all the age groups will have a training session and then food, entertainment and music is provided to celebrate the Junior rugby season. The Under 11 Rugby Team in Thornbury have awards at the end of each season and these include; Players Player voted for by the individuals in the team, Best Player and Most Improved voted for by the coaches. The individual winners are awarded a trophy with their name engraved on and the year which thy then hand back for the following season awards. Every player also receives a medal to thank them for their hard work throughout the rugby season.

Duty & Parent Support

2-3 times a year each age group is required to cover duty for the Sunday morning kitchen, serving food, manning the bar and clearing up at the end of the session. This ensures that the costs for running the club are kept to a minimum and the membership fees are kept affordable each year. Most parents enjoy the duty shifts as it gives you the chance to spend time with other parents and have a bit of fun as well.

Quotes from the Under 11 Rugby Team

I really enjoy playing Rugby and making new friends. It makes me feel proud to be part of the team. I’d also like to thank the coaches for trying to make us a better team.

I enjoy and love rugby and my team, I love playing with my friends, exercising, having fun, getting muddy and being out in the fresh air. I really enjoy the training and the games.

I love playing Rugby, I love everything about it, especially tackling and rucking, I enjoy making new friends and playing tournaments. Also, I love the sausages and burgers after games and training.

I love the friends you make at Rugby, how much fun it is and the fact that anyone can play.